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Choose Us?
Are you feeling downtrodden? Helpless? In need of assistance and support? Community Vision Network, Inc. can provide you with the care and help you seek. Not only this. We do some services at the comfort of your own homes.
1710 Douglas Dr. N., Suite 235
Golden Valley, MN 55422
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Phone: (763) 544-1616
Fax:     (763) 545-8807
Emergency Phone:
          (612) 877-2046

Why Choose Us

imageIn this busy world of politics, high inflation rates, streaming technologies and business oriented grounds, we may find ourselves left by the glories of time, our loved ones come and go and one day, we just wake up with all them gone or grown up, having their own lives.

Your community reaches out to you. We understand your needs and we don’t leave you behind. Through Community Vision Network, Inc., your care needs and aspirations will be met with utmost commitment and patience. We extend our arms to you and you get to enjoy life at home through our caring and warm support.

Community Vision Network, Inc. desires the best for you. We make you feel comfortable in our company and valuable in the community where you belong. You don’t need to spend your days pitying yourself or hating your disabilities. At Community Vision Network, Inc., we strive to impart a positive self concept and self worth through different activities that open up avenues for goodwill.

Choose Community Vision Network, Inc. and start a worthwhile journey with us today.

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